Fresh Software Engineer


Nơi làm việc:

Hồ Chí Minh 

Lĩnh vực chuyên môn:



Thương lượng Thương lượng

Hình thức làm việc:

Toàn thời gian

ID công việc:


Ngày hết hạn:


Kỹ năng:

Programming: C++, OOP, ASP.NET, Java

Mô tả công việc:

- Work as developer in project
- Work with stakeholders on all issues of the project.

Yêu cầu công việc:

- B.S degree in Computer Science or Information Technology (IT)
- Good programming skill with Java/.Net/C++
- Good database with MS SQL, Oracle, DB2
- Good background of OOP, Java/Swing for desktop and web application
- Good background of C/C++/STL/MFC
- Self-motivated and eager to learn
- Good at logical thinking and analysis
- Good responsibility and team work

Quyền lợi:

Global CyberSoft offers a competitive benefit packages. You will have a chance to enjoy:
  • Opportunities for advanced career development overseas, including the US, France and Japan.
  • Competitive salary & attractive compensation and benefits package:
    • Allowance for academy degrees and language certification, i.e. Master, PhD, English, Japanese, French language certifications
    • Subsidy for inflation, transportation, and meals as needed
    • Significant project bonus based on Project Performance
    • Great Significant end-year bonus (besides bonus of 13th salary)
    • Additional International Insurance Package for employees and their families
    • Annual division trip and company trip for employees and their families

  • Being an integral part of a dynamic and fast growing global enterprise.
  • An open, professional and nourishing environment with out-side of work activities, such as football, tennis, badminton, dancing, music, and charity.

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